Sacramento Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling in Sacramento:

BATHROOM Remodel Image
As a homeowner you have countless options to increase the value of your home, especially your bathroom. Design the room around your lifestyle to make the room more functional for you. Refresh a bathroom’s décor to improve its style to match your personal taste. Perhaps you bought a home and have not had the time or money to update it. Some people want to revise a layout of a room or even add storage to increase its value.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

Think about the little things that will adequate to something bigger in the room. This is especially true for those who have a low budget, but still want to update their room slightly. For fixtures, try brushed nickel, bronze, stainless steel or chrome for a polished look. Other more practical remodel ideas include heated floors, increased lighting, and added ventilation. A fresh coat of paint or some need tile floor also can change the look of the room without breaking the bank.

For those seeking extra storage in the room, a niche gives a built-in look for things in one’s shower without the need for other storage compartments that can look messy. A glass block is another way to make a room look unique and increase privacy in a smaller bathroom space.

For others with a larger budget, changing a tub to a stand-up shower or adding a jet tub can change the entire look and function of a room. Some may want additional shower heads or even grab bars added to better suit their needs. A bidet adds a classic touch to a master bedroom.

One of Our Successful Bathroom Remodel Projects

For our remodel project above, we worked with the homeowner to discover what their goal for the room was. By adding a spa tub and custom cherry vanity with a granite counter top we enlivened the place by making it more practical for the coupon. A frameless shower with some breathtaking porcelain tile on the floor and walls completed the modern and functional look they were looking for. Our client was beyond thrilled when they saw the finished project.

We will showcase your bathroom with designer tiles or cultured marble. We provide state of the art fixtures and frameless glass enclosures as well as customized vanities and vanity tops in Corian, Staron, granite or cultured marble.