Elk Grove Bathroom Remodel

Elk Grove Bathroom Remodel with Custom Vanity and Tiled Shower

For this bathroom remodel, the client wanted a complete upgrade that was modern yet functional. We worked with them to help them determine their layout, storage options and overall goal for the room. For the sink area, we added a custom built to fit vanity with a Samsung Staron countertop and an above surface sink with a stainless steel faucet. It has roll-out shelves in the vanity and relocate power for lights. 3 new fixtures were also installed. Their shower used 12 x 12” tiles over cements with different sizes used to create a unique pattern. A 6’ high inlaid trim also was used. In the shower, we added a new stainless steel faucet fixture. For the water closet, we added a new tile floor, new toilet and a new fan.

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