Cabinet Refacing Sacramento

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Cabinet Refacing

Also known as cabinet resurfacing, cabinet refacing is an innovative and cost-effective to get a new cabinet look for the fraction of the price. This process will not only save homeowners’ time but also a mess. Alliance Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling are experts in cabinet refacing. Their professional team takes every remodeling project seriously. They believe in satisfying each and every customer so that their new kitchen fits their needs, wants and lifestyle perfectly.


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About Cabinet Refacing

Nearly every cabinet can be refaced. After all, if your kitchen is functional and well-built, why tear it down? You can choose a new wood, laminate and/or finish to reface your existing cabinets to match your new desired style. Additional pieces such as a free-standing island can also be constructed to add to the functionality of your kitchen. Elements such as drawer handles or pulls or front portions of cabinet boxes can all be changed to be customized for each new remodel.

During this permanent and double-lamination process, a thin wood substrate is bonded to the existing surface of the cabinet. From there, all exterior cabinet surfaces are covered with a natural wood or laminate finish. This process actually strengthens cabinets and keeps them sturdier for years to come.

The process is environmentally-friendly as it uses fewer resources then remodeling the kitchen from scratch. Cabinet resurfacing can also be done in bathrooms, laundry rooms or any other place you have cabinets in your home. Because the process is straightforward and cost effective, your project can be done in a matter of days!

Contact Alliance Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling to get an estimate for your cabinet refacing job. Remodeling your home has never been easier.

Small Custom Kitchen in Sacramento

Alliances Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling can help tailor a custom kitchen that exceeds all of your expectations. We can work with you to create the perfect dream kitchen. A new kitchen is one of the most efficient ways to get the most out of your investment.

For this particular kitchen remodel, custom cabinets made of maple were used which were painted white. A white kitchen is sleek, sophisticated and modern. These new cabinets offered the ample storage needed in a smaller space.

Next, sunset gold granite counter tops were installed, which continued the modern yet sleek theme. For flooring, the customer chose a ceramic tile that complements the cabinets. Some accents included a delta faucet and new recessed lighting with LED lights and dimmers to create the ambiance the homeowner craved in this room. The remodel was complete with new energy-efficient appliances.


Custom Cabinets Sacramento Condominium

Remodel Your Kitchen with New Cabinets and Countertops 

You can increase the value of your home by remodeling your kitchen. This particular property owner remodeled their condo kitchen by removing all of the old cabinets and installing new light wood cabinets throughout. They installed new Formica counter tops throughout to compliment the new cabinets.

One of the nice features about their new cabinets is the sliders inside of the cabinets, making it easier to utilize all of the space available for storage. It makes the cabinets under the sink far more useful. The storage on the upper cabinets doubles as a great show space with inlaid glass doors. The cabinets even offer more workspace with the help of a pull out chopping area.

Not only did they change out their cabinets and countertops, but they also put in a new double porcelain sink with a one handle Moen faucet. The faucet has some great extras like the soap dispenser and easy use high faucet so that all of the items can fit in the sink. It makes filling even the tallest pot a snap.

The flooring in the new kitchen a light colored vinyl that is easy to wash and maintain. All of this goes well with the light colored appliances that they chose to install, dishwasher included. The white and black work very well with the light color of the cabinets and make the space look much bigger.

For lighting in the kitchen, recessed overhead lighting was installed to provide a bright look that lends to the open feeling of the kitchen. This is a great way to bring balance between the kitchen and the living area just over the peninsula. With the setup of the kitchen it is easy to cook and entertain all that the same time.

Finally, the owners put on a brand new coat of paint in a light color to continue with the open feeling that the kitchen expresses. The fresh coat of paint lets the new look of the kitchen shine through. The new kitchen fits perfectly with the overall feel of the home and makes the kitchen look new and bright.

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Sacramento Custom Cabinets

Sacramento Custom Cabinets and Kitchen Remodel

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When you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you want cabinets that utilize the most space in your home as well as complement your existing kitchen décor or paint color. That’s where Alliance Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling come into play. They offer custom cabinets in any style, size, shape, color, wood or finish a customer desires and can craft to

It’s important to never settle for the typical “out of the box” predetermined sizes, styles or colors that are dictated by the layout of your space. Alliance Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling works in many different types of natural wood and high-quality veneers including maple, cherry or birch. There are 15 different door styles of raised or recessed panels. Both can easily be matched perfectly with more creative cabinet doors that are used as accents in custom bathrooms or kitchens.any custom cabinetry needs for any type of kitchen or bathroom.

Cabinet Features

Their Sacramento custom cabinets are built with European hinges, easy under mount drawer glides with rollout shelves as well as Lazy Susans for corner cabinets. All of which can be customized with your choice of hardware, from a large range of handles and pulls. Drawers are made of birch plywood which is used exclusively for building drawers while the bottom of drawers is made of melamine.

Alliance’s cabinets help to enhance the look and feel of a living space and are built to last for an entire lifetime. Also, choose from dozens of different stain colors or bring in a color that you love as Alliance can do color matches. Customers can also choose from wine racks, wine glass racks, inlaid glass-in doors or even kitchen islands with their Sacramento custom cabinets project. Ultimately, anything a homeowner can imagine in their custom bathroom or kitchen is doable and without breaking the bank.

European Hinges

Why Choose Alliance?

The professionals at Alliance Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling are not just cabinet makers or installers; they are dedicated to the remodeling process from start to finish. They understand what homeowners need to keep in mind when remodeling or installing new cabinets. For example, they know that fades come and go, so removing soffits or resizing them will create a more modern look. Another common remodeling feature is lighting in a bathroom or kitchen. They suggest drop down lighting or smaller, more economical lighting for their customers. Also, they encourage their customers to think into the future, especially if they will be replacing their appliances as they may need larger spaces to house a new refrigerator or stove. For all your Sacramento custom cabinet needs, choose Alliance Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling.

Our featured kitchen has custom white cabinets on maple wood. In place of large soffits or pot shelves we have built display cabinets on with inlaid glass. Granite is used for the counters and the back splash. As an extra touch we have installed crown molding and architectural features on the island.

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Roseville Bathroom Remodel

Frame less Shower Bsthroom

Bathroom with Frameless Shower

This Roseville bathroom remodel was a complete renovation with separate his and hers custom vanities. The Frameless shower with handheld and wall mounted fixtures looks onto a private courtyard.

Sacramento Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling in Sacramento:

BATHROOM Remodel Image
As a homeowner you have countless options to increase the value of your home, especially your bathroom. Design the room around your lifestyle to make the room more functional for you. Refresh a bathroom’s décor to improve its style to match your personal taste. Perhaps you bought a home and have not had the time or money to update it. Some people want to revise a layout of a room or even add storage to increase its value.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

Think about the little things that will adequate to something bigger in the room. This is especially true for those who have a low budget, but still want to update their room slightly. For fixtures, try brushed nickel, bronze, stainless steel or chrome for a polished look. Other more practical remodel ideas include heated floors, increased lighting, and added ventilation. A fresh coat of paint or some need tile floor also can change the look of the room without breaking the bank.

For those seeking extra storage in the room, a niche gives a built-in look for things in one’s shower without the need for other storage compartments that can look messy. A glass block is another way to make a room look unique and increase privacy in a smaller bathroom space.

For others with a larger budget, changing a tub to a stand-up shower or adding a jet tub can change the entire look and function of a room. Some may want additional shower heads or even grab bars added to better suit their needs. A bidet adds a classic touch to a master bedroom.

One of Our Successful Bathroom Remodel Projects

For our remodel project above, we worked with the homeowner to discover what their goal for the room was. By adding a spa tub and custom cherry vanity with a granite counter top we enlivened the place by making it more practical for the coupon. A frameless shower with some breathtaking porcelain tile on the floor and walls completed the modern and functional look they were looking for. Our client was beyond thrilled when they saw the finished project.

We will showcase your bathroom with designer tiles or cultured marble. We provide state of the art fixtures and frameless glass enclosures as well as customized vanities and vanity tops in Corian, Staron, granite or cultured marble.

Folsom Kitchen Remodel

Your dream kitchen will be custom built with you and your budget in mind.

Most kitchen and bathroom remodelers buy pre-made standard sized cabinets or they buy cabinets from an outside source, but at Alliance Remodeling we have our own custom cabinet shop. Our cabinets and countertops are customized to provide you with a kitchen you will love and be proud of and one which will add value to your home. This Folsom kitchen has beautiful cherry cabinets. Ceramic tile back splash (some pics were taken before backsplash was installed). Granite counter tops with kitchen sink in the island and a cook top built into the granite counter. The soffits were custom built to match the new cabinets.

Folsom Kitchen RemodelFolsom Kitchen Remodel

Folsom Kitchen Remodel


Sacramento Kitchen Remodeling

Sacramento Kitchen Remodeling Ideas:


Your kitchen is the hub of your home where all the action happens. Not only is it the place that you prepare and cook food for your family, but also is where family meals

sacramento Kitchen Remodelare eaten, your belongings are stored and where you can even entertain guests. The design needs to accommodate the activities you do most in this room, which makes kitchen remodels so popular. Ultimately, the changes that can be made in the kitchen are endless, but by answering three simple questions, you can get a better idea of the things your family wants and needs in the kitchen of your home.

First, determine a layout that gives a nice flow. Small spaces do well with a galley layout where most of the space is found vertically. For a larger room, try a u-shaped or l-shaped kitchen with a center island or peninsula that adds function and storage. It also adds an instant eat-in feel by adding a few bar stools around it. Don’t forget that your kitchen needs storage and that means cabinets, drawers and shelves. In order to achieve this goal, use every square inch of space that is there.

After these preliminary things are determined, you can now decide what fixtures, countertops, paint color, tile and flooring you want in your room. Ultimately, the options are endless!

Sacramento Kitchen Remodeling

One of Our Successful Kitchen Remodel Projects

For this kitchen remodeling project, we added granite countertops and custom built to fit cherry cabinets. The client also wanted a ceramic tile backsplash with dark time inlays and rustic plank floors. They upgraded all of their appliances to the modern stainless-steel variation with a cook top that is built directly into their island. For plumbing, we added an undermount sink with a stainless steel faucet. Recessed lighting and two hanging lights over the island were also installed.

With your design kitchen in mind, we will customize your cabinets in your choice of wood, color and style. These cabinets include European hinges, rollout shelves, easy undermount drawer glides and Lazy Susans for corner cabinets, with your choice of hardware.

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Elk Grove Bathroom Remodel

Elk Grove Bathroom Remodel with Custom Vanity and Tiled Shower

For this bathroom remodel, the client wanted a complete upgrade that was modern yet functional. We worked with them to help them determine their layout, storage options and overall goal for the room. For the sink area, we added a custom built to fit vanity with a Samsung Staron countertop and an above surface sink with a stainless steel faucet. It has roll-out shelves in the vanity and relocate power for lights. 3 new fixtures were also installed. Their shower used 12 x 12” tiles over cements with different sizes used to create a unique pattern. A 6’ high inlaid trim also was used. In the shower, we added a new stainless steel faucet fixture. For the water closet, we added a new tile floor, new toilet and a new fan.

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